Motorola Dual Bluetooth Stack Support

Apparently most Motorola devices support 2 Bluetooth Stacks: Microsoft and StoneStreet. To switch which stack to use you would have to make some changes in the registry and restart the device.



0 = Microsoft Stack
1 = StoneStreet One Stack

The StoneStreet One Stack is supported in all devices except the ES400 and MC65. For the Microsoft stack, any device running Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5.x and Windows CE 6.0

Motorola recommendeds using the Microsoft stack for new development and I strongly agree with Motorola on this!

6 thoughts on “Motorola Dual Bluetooth Stack Support

  1. Hi. I have a Symbol MC70 with the Stonestreet stack and I went to HKLMSoftware in the registry. I didn't see the SymbolBluetooth key there so I created it and added a DWORD "SSStack" value of 0 to it and restarted. It still seems to be using the Stonestreet stack on restart however. Any ideas?


  2. I've recently added support for the Stonestreet One Bluetopia stack into 32feet.NET. Support is good including connect, discovery etc. So one can now use 32feet.NET on devices that have only Stonestreet One (SS1) installed — and of course on devices with both, one can now choose which stack to use.

    On that point, I'd tested Bluetopia support on a Mobile Compia M3Sky device. Like the Symbol devices it has both SS1 and Microsoft Bluetooth stacks installed, and it has a switcher control-panel called “BT Select” which sets a Registry value.

    On this device at least it doesn't actually matter what setting that has if no other application is currently using Bluetooth (and when Microsoft is selected if its mode is ‘Off’). In that case an application can choose which API to use simply by using it _first_.

    For more information on both subjects see:

    We haven't done a release since adding this support so one can simply download the library source and compile it. Get the sources from and compile the InTheHand.Net.Personal.CF2 project.

    Alan McFarlane

  3. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the info. I've been using 32feet.NET in certain projects and I'm very pleased to hear that the Stonestreet One stack is now supported 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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